View Samples of Student Work in Digital and Public History

Courses Taught & Syllabi

I regularly teach a series of Public History courses and supervise Public History internships to both graduate and undergraduate students at St. Mary’s University.

  • HS 3390/5393. The Power of the Past: Introduction to Public History (Undergraduate) – Fall 2020 Syllabus
  • HS 5394: Public History Practicum: Internship and Project (Undergraduate)
  • HS 6301: Introduction to Public History (Graduate) – Fall 2020 Syllabus
  • HS 7301: Public History Methods – Conceptualizing Capstone Project (Graduate) – Spring 2020 Syllabus
  • HS 7310: Public History in the Digital Age (Graduate) – Spring 2021 Syllabus
  • HS 8301: Internship and Capstone Project in Public History (Graduate)

History content classes I’ve taught include the following:

  • SMC 1301: Foundations of Civilization (Undergraduate, University Core Class) – Fall 2019 Syllabus
  • History of San Francisco (Undergraduate) – Fall 2016 Syllabus
  • History of the American West – Summer 2015 Syllabus